Thursday, September 11, 2014

Craft Ontario, Toronto Canada

September 2014

Mounting the exhibition

Assistance in mounting the exhibition from left: Agota Dolinay, Janna Hiemstra, Donna Kim and Aruna Reddy who came all the way from the UK. Aruna also wrote an article in the British Tapestry Group publication about the installation and event. She also took a tapestry weaving course with me. 

At the back, Janna Hiemstra, Curator of Craft Ontario, with the installation

hands on area where people can weave small shapes and a power point slide show presentation of the how the installation evolved

Names of participants 

on the right , Janna Hiemstra

from left, Donna Kim, Aruna Ready, Agota Dolinay and Line Dufour

A talk about the installation given to the volunteer committee of Craft Ontario

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