Saturday, January 17, 2015

Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles, Galerie Trames

Thanks to Louise Lemieux Berube, the installation was invited to the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles. 
You can go here to a slide show of set up

I went to Montreal with Susan E. Middleton where we helped to mount the installation with Louise Lemieux Berube, Suzanne Chabot, the Executive Director of the MCCT, and Isabelle Sentenne and instructor and technician at the centre. 

First, removing all the shapes and sorting.

Laying them out where they'll go.

Establishing the location of the two main panels.

Mounting begins

6 hours later.......

Opening night. From left, Louise Lemieux Berube, Line Dufour, Suzanne Chabot and Isabelle Sentenne

Here I recognize the blue shape.....Cynthia Miller, above hers the multi coloured shape, Stephnie Cantoni. 

from left, Susan E. Middleton, Louise Lemieux Berube, and Line Dufour

Guests at the opening

Jutta Polomski with husband Blair. 

Left, Hugo St Louis, Reneaud Bourdages and Christine Simard

Hugo St Louis with child, Renaud Bourdages, Priscille Arsenault

Jutta Polomiski and Line Dufour

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