Monday, January 8, 2018

World Textile Art VII Fundación Pablo Atchugarry Uruguay 2017

Setting up the installation 
see YouTube video

From left to right: Gabriela Nirino, Maria Teresa Pagola, Line Dufour, Graciela Miller, Daniela de Braza, and Claudia Pagola. Behind....don't know her name. If someone out there knows, please let me know. 

Not only was it a privilege to attend the World Textile Art VII 2017 in Uruguay, but it was an honour to have Fate, Destiny and Self Determination Suerte, Destino y Auto-determinación installation invited for exhibition at the beautiful location of Punta del Este, and the inspiring gallery and site, the Fundación Pablo Achtugarry. All this was made possible by Pilar Tobon, President of the WTA, and the diligence of Silvia Piza Tandlich from Costa Rica.  Gabriela Nirino joined me at Punta del Este from Buenos Aires Brazil, to assist with the mounting of the installation. I am grateful she was there as she is Spanish speaking and the other four ladies who showed up, all residents of Punta del Este, spoke only Spanish , so Gabriela aided communication. Below you will meet some of the people who played such an important role in the project.

Video of the installation

Opening reception for the installation

 left, Pilar Toban, and Line Dufour
Yosi Taller de Vientos - Mexico
centre, Tina Struthers and right, Maria Ortega.
Alvaro Diego Gomez Campuzano from Columbia with his submission that he gave me while in Montevideo Uruguay. A better photo of it below.

I looked at looked at this fellow who was attending the WTA events and thought, he really looks like Maximo Laura and could almost pass for his twin. As it turns out, it was Constantino Laura, Maximo's brother, whose tapestry was featured in the WTA exhibitions. Maximo  made a submission to the installation.

One of the buildings on site, a gallery featuring the sculptures of Pablo Atchugarry. 

left to right: Silvia Piza Tandlich (Costa Rica), Line Dufour, Gabriela Nirino (Argentina), and Georgina Toussaint (Mexico). Silvia, Pilar and Gabriela helped bring FD&SD to the World Textile Art event in Uruguay. 

left: Silva Piza Tandlich and Gabriela Nirino on right.

On right, Sandra Cartaxo

After a very busy week I hung around with these four women for a couple of days. What a dynamic and interesting bunch they were. We had a relaxing day visiting Colonia del Sacramento with from left, Beatrijs Sterk, Dorothea Van der Winkel, Jeannine de Reymaker, and Pennina Barnett seated at the bottom. 

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