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FD&SD in Germany 2018 -2019

From Roscommon Ireland, the Fate, Destiny and Self Determination installation went to Bramsche Germany in May 2018 to the Tuchmacher Museum. Kerstin Schumann curated the installation as I was not in attendance for its set up or opening reception for financial reasons. The installation remained there until it was sent to the Tuch & Technik Museum in Neumunster Germany, north of Hamburg in mid October 2018.  First to thank for that invitation is Christa Weitbrecht who approached the Tuch & Technik Museum and asked them if they would be interested in hosting the installation. Agota Dolinay (a participant in the project) accompanied me from Toronto to assist with the set up of the exhibition and  in preparing the tapestry frames for visitors to the gallery. 

Sorting all the submissions into colour groups. At this point there are 794, from 470 people from 39 countries. 

Because the walls were concrete, we could not pin the submissions to the wall as we usually do. We had to come up with some other display strategy. The curator, Astrid Frevert (shown second from right) , decided to have us pin the pieces to large cotton canvases which were then attached to wooden boards. It took us two days to set up the installation. 

The installation consisted of three sections of large white canvases upon which the shapes were attached. This view is taken from one end showing the tapestry I wove in the studio amid the submissions. On the right, an audio visual unit was set up to play the movie I created to show the evolution of the installation, particualrly the making of the publicly woven tapestry panel in Toronto. 

This picture is taken from the other end featuring the publicly woven tapestry on the right. 

The names of the participants was included in the exhibition. 

The local press came to interview me regarding the project.....

and tried their hand at tapestry weaving. 

From left to right, me, Beatrijs Sterk (from Germany, founder of the European Textile Network), Martina Muller (originally from Germany and now living in the UK, editor of the Journal of Weaving and Spinning), Astrid Frevert (curator of the museum) and Agota Dolinay (originally from Hungary and now living in Canada.)

 Astrid Frevert giving a talk at the opening reception. 

 I said a few words to thank all involved.

and invited them up to take a bow. I especially thanked those who helped us with the set up or came from elsewhere to be there for the opening. 

Opening reception

The weaving studio at the museum. The public can join and use the facility. Lots of light - natural and electric.

Kirstin Rolle teaches weaving at the museum and helped us enormously with setting up the installation. Here she sits at  a very economically built 8 shaft loom with flying shuttle. Under 200 euros to build. 

and an article about the man who created the plan for the above loom. Instructions are available online. Check out my facebook page to find out more. 

The weaving studio and gallery area are on the second floor. On the main floor is the museum. 

Old spinning equipment

The displays are set up to follow the chronology of the development of weaving and spinning equipment.

a spinning jenny - above and below

jacquard loom

a number of industrial weaving looms are in working order. displays are given when a group books a tour. 

Its an extraordinary museum and is worth making the trip to the north of Germany for textile enthusiasts. 

 Photo credits go to Beatrijs Sterk, Martina Muller, and myself.

Each submission is posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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